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Janet Sinkowski

​Certified Life Coach
•Group or Private Sessions
•Divorce Groups
•Grief Support

Certified Tai Chi Instructor
•Group or Private Sessions
•Adults and Children
•Children with Special Needs

Education and Training
•Former Women’s Self-Defense Instructor
•25 Years Martial Arts Experience
•Bachelor of Arts, University of MA
K.C. Jakeman

Professional Horsewoman
• Manufacturer of Alpha Boost Juice TM
• Publisher of Specialty Equine Books
• Retired Racing Manager/Breeder 
   25 years of commercial sales & industry        experience; East Coast & West Coast

Co-Owner Flying Island LLC
• Music & Films
• Publishing
• Loose Horse Graphics

Motivational Speaker & Author
Style: Intensely competitive, salty humor, scarred but not damaged, yet. Life is meant to be consumed, one day at a time.