I grew up in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by a very large traditional conservative family rooted in fishing, agriculture and small business. My grandparents owned their own businesses, one a beauty salon owner the other a contractor and builder. Mom was a homemaker, dad a successful pharmaceutical sales executive.

Married at age twenty three, I moved east with my husband, Captain W. Jakeman to start our commercial thoroughbred farm in Kentucky. We've lived the life, chasing horses, meeting pirates, poets, scoundrels and philosophers.
I unexpectedly became a mother at age thirty, after seven years of marriage. Knee deep into my commercial career as a very successful breeder and equine sports manager, I had some life-changing decisions to make. "It is amazing how blurry life can be, right up until you hear your child's voice for the first time, then it all comes into focus…let's just say, I am not your typical soccer mom.".
I’ve been in that dreadful place, the place you may be in right now—the loneliness, the desperation, fear of the unknown, depression. I got through it by taking baby steps, one at a time, and I dealt with each feeling individually, as the emotion surfaced, rather than taking on my sorrow as a whole.
So much has happened since then. 
I co-founded LiveAnu and became a Life Coach in order to help other women navigate life’s storms. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but it’s a far cry from where I was several years ago.
I have since remarried a wonderful man who supports and encourages me every step of the way. I am a wife and a mother. I have a daughter and son-in-law who live in Utah, a teen-age son who attends college and lives with us at home, and my husband has a daughter who resides in Ohio. I am so thankful for my family because every day I spend with them is a blessing.
I had it all! A husband I loved for twenty years, two great children, a successful business, loving in-laws whom I adored, nieces and nephews. And then it was gone—in an instant, when my husband decided he no longer wanted to be married. My world was shattered.

Celtic legend says...
Anu is the power that is in the land, never to be overcome by mortals.
She lives in the imagination of those who see magic in the twilight mist between the worlds.

Small town America, family tradition, patriotism and my faith shaped me into the person I have become. All throughout my life, I have danced to the beat of my own drum. I was very tall and very awkward growing up. I had a lisp, I wore glasses, and my hair was freaky curly. I found my freaky tribe and embraced my uniqueness. 

Janet Sinkowski
Life Coach - Speaker - Author

K.C. Jakeman
Motivational Speaker - Author

from Janet
Audience: Women's groups - Teens & Tweens - Mens groups. 
Style: Tall tales and laughter eases life's burdens. 

It's not like any of us are getting out of this alive...
from K.C.
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